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Insurance Services

Risk Mitigation Investigations for staged accidents, thefts, vandalism and SABS specific statements are designed assist the insurance industry to make prudent business decisions. The IRM Solution will provide factual evidence based results which will aid lawyers, adjusters, adjudicators and examiners in determining the way forward when assessing claims and damages. Investigations specifically designed to meet the client needs,The IRM Solution includes comprehensive surveillance as part of the evidence based solution when assessing the validity of injuries and disability disputes.

Fraudulent Physiotherapy and Medical Clinics bills cost Canadian industry multi-million dollars in lost revenue annually. Criminals prolifically commit fraud by staging fraudulent clinics and directing accomplices from staged accidents to bill the insurance industry for treatment which is fraudulent. The IRM Solution and risk management investigations include complete background,client usage, location verification, services provided, fraudulent invoices, surveillance, link analysis to auto body garages and tow truck companies and undercover verification investigations.

Expert Witnesses to dispute fraudulent claims for civil litigation, tribunals or criminal trials are a mainstay of The IRM Solution. IRM team members include court recognized experts in staged accidents, SABS interviews,criminal interrogation techniques, organized crime, WSIB investigations, fraud, drugs, sexual assault, harassment, violence, theft rings and accident reconstruction. Pre-trial review and analysis of law enforcement disclosure packages for defence attorneys,designed to identify the strengths and weaknesses of an investigation and witness pre-trial preparation is also a tailored service provided by The IRM Solution.


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Healthcare Insurance Risk Services
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