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WSIB Information Newsletter

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FACT: Managing a WSIB claim begins with a FORM-7; It starts with prevention, to quote the Boy Scout motto “Always be Prepared!”. To properly manage your future WSIB claims, we strongly recommend a Front-End Claims Management program (FECM). The FECM is the policy, procedures, and protocols your company will use so that your office personnel and field staff understand their roles, responsibilities and obligations to participate in modified duties.

It has been our findings that while most companies have a Return to Work (RTW) policy most do not have a RTW program. As a result there is no consistency as to how the RTW process back to normal duties is managed.

Virtually every company that uses equipment to achieve optimum performance is under a preventative maintenance schedule. Think of the FECM as the preventative maintenance program for a WSIB management program.

Some of the critical components of a successful FECM are:

  • A flow-chart for the life of a WSIB claim.
  • An organizational chart detailing the roles of each person involved with WSIB.
  • An inventory of modified work jobs that matches the injured worker to the capabilities while incorporating their restrictions.

Read more of this very informative article in this PDF document.

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