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What’s at Risk?

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Q&A with Brian Sartorelli, President/CEO of Investigative Risk Management


BRIAN SARTORELLI, President/CEO of Investigative Risk Management, has enjoyed an extensive career providing consultative and advisory risk management and investigative services to Fortune 500 companies, nationally and internationally. In early 2015, Mr. Sartorelli will be conducting a WSIB Fraud Training Webcast for TADA members. In this interview, Mr. Sartorelli talks about risk management from a dealership perspective and about his upcoming Webcast.


Q. What staff members at a dealership should tune in to your upcoming information webinar (Human Resource, Health and Safety and WSIB coordinators)?Brian Sartorelli


A. The services of a private investigation firm can be beneficial to literally all employees of a dealership. For example, the parts department and the Service Manager may need to protect the dealership from possible frauds or thefts be it aftermarket parts, VIN manipulations or vehicle thefts. A reputable private investigation firm will have experts who can assist in these areas. However, the upcoming webinar will specifically deal with attendance management issues and fraudulent WSIB claims. As these issues cover the entire organization and its employees, the presentation would be beneficial for the General Manager, Human Resources, Finance, Health & Safety Coordinator, or anyone in a managerial or supervisory role.


Q. What areas will you addressing specifically?


A. Small businesses are beginning to realize that employee related fraud is detrimental to performance, customer service, outputs and the economic health of a company. Employee (or workplace) fraud comes in many forms, including: flagrant absenteeism; economic fraud; workplace harassment and/or violence; and lost productivity due to substance abuse. Moreover, the most difficult workplace fraud for an employer to address is fraudulent WSIB claims. The upcoming webinar will provide awareness and education regarding the following topics: how to reduce financial and manpower costs; PIPEDA considerations; fraudulent red flags; and the appropriate procedures to following in the case of an employee who is taking advantage of the system. The webinar will help the employer to make informed decisions regarding human resource strategies, all designed to protect the company and its employees.

Read the whole article at Brian Sartorelli’s Interview – Hotline 2015
by Ross Fattori for the Hotline, the official newsletter of the Trillium Automobile Dealers Association

Volume 4, issue 1, winter 2015 edition.

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